DiscoverED is an interactive syllabus that brings collaboration to your classroom.

DiscoverED rises student engagement and in-class collaboration through a visual syllabus.

We help teachers manage their class materials and progress, offering them and their students a compelling visual and interactive online collaborative space.

As a teacher, it is important for me to create innovative and effective ways of engaging my students. I was nervous about trying the “flipped classroom” model but DiscoverED made it so easy

Jessie Hsieh
Jessy Hsieh
The Project, NYU Stern and Associate
Director for Graduate Education

After using DiscoverED’s visual and dynamic syllabus, it’s hard to believe I expected collaboration from my students when using a static word doc! Empowering them to collaborate and contribute dialogue and resources increased their engagement more than three fold

Jen Van Der Meer
Jen Van Der Meer
Lean Launchpad at NYU ITP,
Product and Design at SVA

I used to really not care about the readings and miss submitting assignments but now that I can see what my classmates are contributing and how my interests and comments relate to class content, I think participating actually pays off. And honestly, it’s kind of fun!

David Vargas
David Vargas
MS Managerial Economics and
Strategy at Northwestern University
DiscoverED will launch in May 2014